Promoting School Success

We aim to serve as a meeting place for teachers, students, parents and specialists in educational innovation, a place where all might share their experiences and establish new goals, and where all our projects are available so as to be applied within the educational context.

Fomento de la expresión oral y el pensamiento crítico

Promoting scientific and technological vocations

We must focus our attention on the youth of today if we are to lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s researchers. Moreover, the realm of research must not become stagnant and must always take into account the fullness of any individual’s education. For these reasons we cultivate the most creative aspects of the sciences, where intuition and beauty have always had a role

Atención a las necesidades educativas especiales

Ningún aspecto de la educación implica tanto a toda la sociedad como la de la transmisión de aquello que realmente importa, aquellos referentes inmateriales claves para la realización personal y la convivencia con los demás